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Here we have collected a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about the Mentor Program. We hope that by reading this you will get a general idea about what the mentor program is about and what is expected of you. That said, it is important to remember that no two mentor situations are alike and you will have to make your mentor experience a special one.
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Well, I'm thinking about signing up for the mentor program, but what exactly does that imply?

It is expected that you help him/her to get settled in his/her room (i.e. help to get the keys etc.).  You should give a brief theoretical and practical introduction to RUC, explain how to get to the closest supermarket, help solving minor administrative problems that might possibly occur – and voilà: You're done with the obligatory part of being a mentor. However, if you and your mentee get along well, you are of course more than welcome to cook dinner together, explore Copenhagen's nightlife or have endless exciting discussions about discourse analysis – just do whatever you fancy.

What can I do if I really want to join the program but don't know yet when I will have time to pick up an exchange student?

This is really not a problem. Just fill out the application form anyway and make sure to specify which date you are availible from. We will then make sure to get in touch with you before we start matching mentors and mentees, which takes placce in early January (For the Spring Semester) or August (For the Autumn Semester), to hear on which dates suits you best.

Can I be a mentor even though I won't be back home before February (For the Spring Semester) or September (For the Autumn Semester)

We still don't know when the international students will arrive, and someone is always late, so just sign up and we'll see what we can do.

I would like my mentee to be a 22-year old male micro-biology student from Slovakia that speaks fluently Russian, English and Esperanto. Can you find someone like that for me?

Probably not. But on the application form you can list all your preferences and we will then do our best to find someone who matches your criteria.

OK, but what do I gain from being a mentor - other than a posh title?

First, you get to meet a really nice exchange student, which includes the great possibility of practicing a chosen foreign language or the joy of talking to someone who speaks your mother tongue. Other than that, we have an agreement with the International Office that each mentor, who wants to study abroad gains some bonus points when applying for an exchange. In connection with this, the mentor program is also an opportunity for you to get some valuable first-hand info about the university you plan to go to. Finally, when being a mentor you can show off with all your knowledge about Denmark and studying at RUC and who doesn't want to do that?

I still have questions.

No Problem. Just write an email to